About Pen spinning

Penspinning mod – trick accessory – modified pen for performing penspinning tricks. Usually does not write. The section presents a variety of models of trick handles.

Double sided penspinning mods are symmetric mods – both sides are the same or the differences are insignificant. The length is usually from 18 cm to 25 cm, the balance is exactly in the middle, making it easier to perform complex tricks on it. They are usually made non-writers, but there are exceptions.

Single sided penspinning mods have a cap on one side and a tip on the other.
As a rule, the length is no more than 20 cm and the balance is shifted closer to the cap. A single sided is very easy to make for writers, since it is usually the base and type from the same handle, and the shaft from the same handle can be used.

Sets of pen mods with different characteristics and accessories will be an excellent gift for a pen spinner.